Tales of the Budget Warlords -Intro

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

A Tale of Budget Warlords challenge – What is it?

You May already be aware of the premise of the ‘Tale of Four Warlords’ however for the sake of those who don’t I’ll take a moment to explain


The ‘Tales of Four Warlords’ challenge is a set of articles by Games Workshop which famously feature in White Dwarf and on their Community website. The idea is to find four hobbyists and get them to start a new army in the chosen game system and slowly grow from a small warband to a standard sized force for gaming.


Using this idea and the creativity of Jamie from ‘Tabletop Standard – A Blog’, who recently took up the challenge to buy and paint a Dwarf army on the cheap for his games in Warlord Games’ new fantasy game ‘Warlords of Erehwon’ I decided to take it up a notch and recruit a few members of Model Box to take on the ‘Tales of Four Warlords’ challenge but with a twist….who could build an entire army the cheapest and try to discover smaller, unknown miniature ranges!


This will be a series of articles, once per month, which will cover our army’s growth as well as our thought process and findings along our journey to build an army as cheap as possible

The rules were simple:


  • You could not use models you already owned (regardless of if they are still on sprue)
  • You could not borrow a friend’s models to paint for your army
  • Be as thrifty as possible
  • Try to use smaller/unknown companies


There were a few other issues we needed to figure out, like what game system to choose. Any GW system was out of the question as it’s the popular choice. We needed a game that allowed you to use any models already on your buy list, and as we were being thrifty, would preferably have free rules! Cue Mantic’s Kings of War!


Kings of War is the mass combat fantasy miniatures range and game from Mantic Game. From terrifying Undead to elite Elves, Kings of War is a high quality, affordable miniatures range, with Free Game Rules written by esteemed author Alessio Cavatore.”

There were a couple of great features to KoW that made it perfect for our challenge, It had free rules and army builders online (KoW easy army and KoW Historical easy army) which made it easy to build our lists easily before looking to purchase our minis. The game also operates a “50% +1” rule for minis which means you can field 50% plus 1 mini of the required unit needed for every unit/regiment etc, this is particularly handy when you are trying to build an army on a budget, Afterall, why buy 10 archers when you can field 6 and fill the rest of the movement tray!

The other appeal to KoW is that, as mentioned above, the freedom to use any models you like, which is a great way of cutting costs by finding the cheapest minis we can get that fit the bill.

The Challenge will run through several months starting from March which will be the easiest of the lot. The Heroes

  • March – Heroes
  • April – Units of 10
  • May – Regiment
  • June – 2nd Regiment

And that's the Intro! The next part will be MONTH ONE!