What Is Model Box?

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

A lot of people ask us what we are. It's quite simple really, we are the box that will allow you to discover more about the great hobby that is miniature painting/ wargaming and collecting!

You may be familiar with subscription boxes like Loot Crate, Graze or Glossy Box. In which case you understand how Model Box works. But for those who are not aware what subscription boxes are then this is the blog for you!

Subscription boxes are for those who love receiving cool mystery items in the mail catered to their interests, It's that Christmas feeling every month!


We at Model Box feel that discovery is an important and fun part of the hobby. It can get a little boring painting the same miniatures over and over again or even purchasing from the same company and maybe you want to try something new, that's where Model Box comes in!

We want you to discover more about the hobby. There are hundreds of amazing companies with amazing miniatures, paint ranges, brushes and accessories that you might not know about, and that's what we want to give you. If that does not entice you we also guarantee that the price of the contents of our boxes are always worth more than what you pay!

Every month we will send you a box packed with at least 1 awesome miniature and other great hobby items like a selection of paints and gaming accessories, basing materials, brushes which will all be based around a theme.


Themes are a great way for us to keep you in suspense. For July's box (our 1st box) the theme was 'Flesh' which gives you an idea of what you might get in the box. Maybe you are fed up of painting armour all the time or want to try some new flesh tone paints to shake things up a bit, well now you can!

Who is this for?

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or an experienced pro, Model Box will have something for you. We aim to help you discover new companies, bolster your collection and restock you painting desk.

What is in store for the future of Model Box?

In the future we plan on giving you the option of 2 more boxes - Fantasy or Sci-fi as well as the all-rounder so that you get the miniatures you are interested in every month. We continue to work with the best and up and coming companies in the industry to guarantee only the best in our boxes.

We will also be running monthly painting competitions around the miniatures we send you so that we can all paint as a community and share what we have created!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get Model Box every month!