What's in the Box? - Cyber Punk April

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

What's In The Box? Cyber Punk April

Everything inside the April Model Box

Cyber Rox

Cyber Rox has undergone some of the most extensive surgeries and implants to ensure survival in the dark but vibrant future.

From a robotic arm and ear to Rox’s Augmented sight. Rox is kitted out for most situations 

Infinity The Game - Corvus Belli

Infinity the Game by Corvus Belli Miniatures is a skirmish game set 150 years into our future where small, elite teams of soldiers battle it out in surroundings from the deserts to the cramped cities that would rival the backdrops of great films like ‘Bladerunner’ or ‘Fifth Element’

There minis also have a Manga style to them which is reminiscent to the scifi manga and anime like ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and ‘Battle Angel Alita’

Human Interface - The Cyber Punk Board Game

Human Interface is a Cyber Punk Board Game set in 2040 where Mega Corporations are just as corrupt as the Governments they pay off and will do anything to lead the way in cybernetics and technology…they’d even kill for it.

In this box you will have received either the Cyborg Hunter or Johnny ‘The Machine’ Maino.

Futuristic Vending Machines - TTCombat

Fluorescent Paint - Warcolors

Nothing says Cyber Punk quite like bright, vibrant colours against a dark backdrop.

Warcolours’ fluorescent paints will be the finishing touch to any Cyber Punk themed model you paint!