What's In The Box - Horror October

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

What's In The Box?

Horror October

October Is one of our favourite month's to prepare and this year we had a whopper of a box for you all.

While it may look a little light on the content the entire box was completely EXCLUSIVE to Model Box members!

In this box we included not only the 4th of our 5 Rox the Model Box Fox Mascot minis but also a completely exclusive mini from our friends at Lion Tower Miniatures!

Rox with Chest Burster

We wanted to make the Horror Rox really special and what better way to do that than to pay homage to one of the greatest scenes in Sci-Fi Horror History.. the Chest Burster scene from 'Alien'!

This mini is packed with little details like the Model Box logo patch on the back of the overalls, the Scanner in Rox's Paw and the little Fox shaped Chest Burster busting out of Rox's chest!

Dream Assassin - Lion Tower Miniatures

As mentioned above, Lion Tower Miniatures has created a beautifully sculpted mini based on a famous Horror Movie Icon with an RPG Twist!

This Assassin sneaks into your dreams and hunts you down!

Instar Paints - Mettallics

We told you everything in this box was exclusive and this month that also meant the paints!

Instar was kind enough to let us send you some of their new mettallics range which have a beautiful glisten to them. You don't often find a nice metallic blue, red or even yellow so these paints will certainly to the trick for any metal colour schemes you have in mind.

 Model Box Range Ruler

We first featured a Model Box Range Ruler in our Orctober box last year and it went down so well we wanted to give new members a chance of receiving one.

This year we opted for a black range ruler perfect for any game and easily allows you to measure short distances and maintain unit cohesion.

See you next month for Dwarves November!