What's in the Box? - Medieval March

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

What's in the Box - Medieval March

In May we visited the Medieval Period and with that, plenty of Medieval minis and accessories !

Sir Rox The Knight

Rox the Knight packs so much detail it’s difficult to spot them all through your first inspection.

There are the 2 paintbrushes crossed on Rox’s chest with the letters M and B above and below as well as the insane detail in the chainmail!

There is also plenty of space on Rox’s clothing to allow for some great freehand patterns 

This is the 5th Model Box exclusive miniature of the year and they are only getting better!

King/Prince, Mounted and on Foot - Crusader Miniatures

You can’t have a Medieval box without a King!

Each member has received an awesome King/Prince on foot and mounted from Crusader Miniatures

Medieval Weapons  - Essex Miniatures

Essex Miniatures Weapons accessory pack is perfect for creating objective markers or scatter for bases or terrain

Italian Wars - Pike and Schotte - Warlord Games

In your box you’ll find either Kaiser Maximillion (Young & Old) or Gotz Von Berlichingen & George Von Frundsberg from Warlord Games’ Pike & Schotte, the 16th-17th Century wargame around the Thirty Years War, English Civil War, Italian Wars and Wars of Religion 

Grass Flock - Serious-Play Scenics

Every Medieval battlefield needs some grass and for that we have revisited Serious-Play Scenics for their Grass Flock.

Your box contains 1x 10g bag of Summer Grass Flock

Instar Paint

As always we include 2 bottles of paint and this month we revisit Instar Paints!

For some lucky members you will also have received a sample bottle Instar’s newest product ‘Water +’ the distilled water which can be used to thin paints!