What's in the Box? Mortal Gods February 2019

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

What's in the Box? Mortal Gods February

A brief look at the contents of February's box

Hoplite Rox - Model Box Exclusive

Every month, our members will recieve a bonus limited edition mini based on our mascot Rox and themed around the theme of the current Month's box. Hoplite Rox highlights some of the great skills Mathilde at Vae Victis Miniatures (our sculptors) has. The intricate detail of the shield for example is exquisite

Alkaios the Kypriot - Mortal Gods Exclusive 

I worked with the guys at Warbanner to create a completely exclusive mini to celebrate the release of their new game 'Mortal Gods'. This mini was only available to Model Box Members

Ancient Greek Bases - Alien Lab Creator

These resin bases are perfect for the heroes of Mortal Gods and make for a great thematic base for Rox too!

Foundry Paints - Wargames Foundry

As with every month, we include 2 bottles of paint from our favourite paint ranges and the Mortal Gods box featured 2 great pots of paint from the Foundry Paint System