What's In the Box - Norse September

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

What's In The Box?

Norse September

September was the month we faced an awesome invasion from the Barbaric Norsemen!

Everyone loves Vikings, there is something about the raw, barbaric nature of this brave warriors that lights a fire in our imaginations! Whether it's thinking about the impressive meals, drinking and shield walls to the expansive mythology that lead these warriors to battle and allowed them to not fear death!

Lion Tower Miniatures - Wrathborn

I first came across Lion Tower Miniatures when we were neighboured with them at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham back in June 2018 and we quickly became good friends! 

LT Minis were there to promote the upcoming Kickstarter for Wrathborn, the fantasy skirmish game which pits Vikings vs Werewolves and I knew that I would be including their minis in our boxes sooner or later.

When they said they'd love to create an exclusive just for our subscribers I was overjoyed and here it is!

War Banner/Footsore Miniatures

War Banner are producers of high quality metal miniatures for a large range of historical wargames.

Viking Berzerks were noted in stories of old to fight in a trance-like fury!

Included in this box is 1 of 4 Berzerkers from their Viking Range – Which one did you get?

Bad Squiddo – Freyja

We couldn’t do a Norse box without touching on the Mythology!

Bad Squiddo’s Freyja, The Norse Goddess is a beautiful depiction of Freyja, Goddess of love, beauty and material possessions.

Gatehouse Games

Gatehouse Games is an up and coming company which provides scatter material for bases, scenery and terrain.

We have some 3D printed crates for your Norsemen to stock up on!

War Colours – One Coat Range

This month we revisit a great paint range coming from Cyprus!

Warcolours offers a great range of paints, brushes and more. The One-Coat range boasts impressive coverage which should only take..1 coat!

We hope you liked the Norse Box and as for one more treat I thought I'd share a pic of the Mega Model Box we sent out to one lucky member!

The content of the Mega Model Box was worth more than £100!