What's in the Box? November Dwarves

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

November Dwarves Box Content

Everything you got in the Dwarves Box

1 x Male Dwarf - Atlantis Miniatures

Atlantis Miniatures are one of the best companies in the industry for Dwarf miniatures and there work speaks for itself! 

1x Dwarf (1 of 3) - Titan Wargames

Titan Wargames are a small British company that has become an outlet for John Blakes work and imagination. We included 1 of 3 variations of Dwarf Heores that Titan Wargames has to offer

1 x Dwarf Ruins Bases (5 pack) - Alien Lab Creator

5 resin 25mm square bases which can also be used as scatter terrain on larger bases. Alien Lab Creator have a great range of bases for most genres

1 x tub of basing material - Gatehouse Games

We included 1 of 3 variations of basing material we thought would be perfect for Dwarves. Gold, Silver, and Precious Gems which is perfect scatter material for your bases

2 x Army Painter Paints

As always, we also included 2 bottles of paints from some of our favourite paint ranges. November was Army Painter

We also add a little sweet treat in all our boxes for you to enjoy too!