What's in the Box - Post-Apocalyptic August

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

What's in the Box?

August was the month for survivors, survivors of apocalypse.

I've wanted to do a Post-Apocalyptic box for a very long time and was so excited to send this one out to our subscribers.

Below you will find the content of the August 2018 Post-Apocalyptic box:

Mad Rox - The Model Box Fox

When the wars began, when the mushroom clouds rose, when darkness fell and the gangs were formed, Rox survived it all, once, Rox was a survivor, now...Rox is Mad!

The third in a series, Mad Rox shows off the incredible talent of Mathilde and Jonathan of Vae Victis Miniatures. This resin miniature has so many details in it you'll be discovering so much about Rox's life in the Post-Apocalyptic world as you paint!

From the breathing mask to the salvaged armour, you can really see that Rox has been through it all

Ghost of Gaia - Bad Squiddo Games

The Ghosts of Gaia are the toughest girls of the Apocalyse.

Produced by Bad Squiddo Games, promoters of realistic female representation in the miniatures industry, The Ghosts of Gaia make for perfect additions to your sci-fi warband or gang.

Sandbags - TT Combat

Most survivors will tell you that fortification is key, so for that reason we included a set of resin sandbags to help fortify your home from mutants, raiders or pesky animals!

Display Disc - Model Display Products

Every now and then we include a nice display plinth for the pride and joy of your collection. In this box we included a lovely resin display disc which you can display your minis on! Simply cave (if you want), prime and base your disc for an amazing competition entry!

Sci-Fi & Modern Sprue - Zinge Industry

Zinge Industry have a wide range of resin products to help convert miniatures and add amazing detail to bases, terrain and scenery. We included the Sc-Fi & Modern Sprue which includes great detailed bits like spent ammo shells, a cola can (which can be seen on our version of Mad Rox at the top of the page), a stick of dynamite and so much more!

Coat D'Arms Paint

As always we like to include 2 pots of paint in every box to help add to your paint collections, we once again we have included the great Coat D'Arms paint range which has great coverage and colours

    We hope you have enjoyed this brief read through of what was in August's box and would love to hear your thoughts too!

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