What's in the Box? Scifi January 2019

Written by George Kleanthous / 20.08.2019 / Views

What's in the Box? Scifi January

A brief look at the contents of January's box


Space Trooper Rox - Model Box Exclusive

Every month this year members will recieve a bonus mini in their boxes which will be themed around that month's theme based on the mascot created by our members, Rox the Model Box Fox! This month was Scifi and for that we came up with Space Trooper Rox. Packed with tiny details that really brings this mini to life and lets you really get a feel for the universe it is in.


Alien Federation - CP Models

CP Models has a great range of scifi minis and we included 1 of the many they have to offer! These models are perfect for your rpg games or a skirmish warband of Alien Mercs!


Scifi Accessories - Gatehouse Gaming

This tub includes great pieces that can be used for your bases, dioramas or as scatter terrain as well has a sentry robot with a random variation of weapon you can attach to its top


Warcolors Paints

Every month we include 2 bottles of paints from one of our favourite paint ranges and January we saw the inclusion of Warcolor Paints